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Why to (NOT) conduct patent search? Or how to order it?

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

What is patent search?

Patent search conducted in patent databases, as well as in accessible literature, to check if there is any invention that is similar to your invention. In other words, you evaluate your chances of obtaining patent protection or the risks of infringement other`s rights using the invention.

What can patent search to reveal:

  • Does someone violate my patent?

  • Do I violate any patent?

  • Can I get a patent for my invention/development/design?

  • Do I need to obtain a license (permission to use) of someone else's invention?

  • Are there similar inventions to my or another invention?

  • What technical solutions are known for solving a certain technical problem?

  • Other.

Is it possible to carry out patent search by yourself?

Yes, in part. It is necessary to conduct a preliminary study on its own for 1-2 hours in order to get an idea of the number of patents and the variety of solutions in the industry, in order to then clearly articulate the task for professional patent searcher.

Should I order a patent search from a specialist?

Yes, following the above step.

As soon professional patent search is so expensive, can I to file patent application and let patent examiner do search for me?

Sure, if you can wait at least one year and calmly watch as competitors come forward.

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