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What Is the Price of Errors in Your Patent or Trademark Search?

Updated: May 24, 2021

Who knows:

Which is better Global Brand Database OR TMView?

Which of the source have less gaps in information Global Brand Database or TMView?

Which of them more accurate?

Did you know:

How much time you will spend from start to end of your trademark search?

How much it will cost?

What the real price of errors in your search?

How to eliminate risks?

Only those will win who use better and more efficient access to this information.

Every day we can see appearance of new information resources TMView, Global Brand Database, National IPOs etc.

But how many users of IP information services answering to itself on questions above.

How many patent or trademark search reports contains probability assessment of results.

In other words, customer never asking international suppliers on quality of product?

Several brief facts:

Country coverage of Global Brand Database or TMView differs near about 50%.

Number of records by country in these databases may vary from 0.05% (EM) to 50% (Japan), with average deviation 1-5%.

So, which DB is better for TM searching?

Ask you attorney or patent searcher on facts above. I am very anxious to hear these answers.

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