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Registration in Ukraine, CIS and Internationally

Trademarks in Ukraine can be registered in several Nice classes without limitation to number of goods or services.  (See for details or contact us)

International (PCT), National, Convention (Paris), and EAPO Applications

Bragarnyk & Partners IP has considerable experience in patenting especially in fields of biotechnology, medicine, pharmaceuticals, and chemistry. (See for details or contact us)


Pharmaceutical Patent Search

Unlike most patent law firms Bragarnyk & Partners IP not outsourcing patent searches to government authorities but conduct searches on their own allowing us to offer shorter turnaround, higher reliability and confidentiality.  (See for details or contact us)

Pharmaceutical Trademark Search

Trademark Search in field of pharmaceuticals is one of most complex and most crucial kind of searches were involved technical and moral issues. (See for details or contact us

Trademark Renewal, Patent Annuity Service

Patent and Trademark rights to be valid must be regularly renewed.

Periodicity of these actions varied in jurisdictions and objects.

As soon these rights are extended in time many details can be altered, e.g. applicant`s legal nature, name, address, PTO`s accounts.  (See for details or contact us)

Our experience - is your power.
With EXTERNAL IP DEPARTMENT your company completely or in-part can outsource IP life cycle to our shoulders.

All you need – to figure out your idea, goal, or problem. 
HOW-TOs, costs and deadlines - is our headache.

 (See for details or contact us)

Search services PharmaScan®

Service PharmaScan® providing:

  1. Identification of all patents protecting interested medical preparation on interested market (country) with calculation of precise patent expiration dates.

  2. Identification of forthcoming generics - search of potential generics and calculating correct earliest date of expiration of each patent.

  3. Defoliation of Evergreens - identification already expired earlier patents protecting given pharmaceuticals.

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