Registration in Ukraine, CIS and Internationally

Both legal entities and persons can register trademarks to protect their brands or names in Ukraine. There are two routes International (AKA Madrid) and National registration. Most significant features of national registration are possibility to accelerate procedure and filing with experienced professional representative providing applicants with its recent experience.
B&P IP offers registration trademarks in Ukraine and abroad as well and both under Paris and Madrid Agreement. In Ukraine trademark can be registered in several Nice classes without limitation to number of goods or services. Process of registration consists of following stages:
•    Analysis of potential trademark choosing among possible variants.
•    Professional preliminary trademark search to determine registrability of trademarks and risks of infringement third party`s trademarks.
•    Full in-depth availability search using the PTO service, register of legal entities, registers of goods and/or services related to specific fields, internet domain name registrations.
•    Full opinions related to infringement and/or validity issues associated with client trademarks or competitor trademarks.
•    Assignment of trademark rights to another individual or business entity.
•    Preparation and filing of trademark applications with Ukrainian PTO.
•    Prosecution of trademark applications with PTO.
•    Preparation of agreements related to trademarks, such as trademark license agreements.
•    Analysis of potential trademark infringement actions by third parties.
•    Enforcing patent rights through litigation in Court.
One of the main feature that attract foreign applicant to file locally instead globally (Madrid) is possibility of accelerated registration allowing to get trademark certificate in 5-8 months whereas international registration can last up to 3 years.


National, EAPO and International applications

Ukrainian residents and non-residents are allowed to file international patent applications (PCT) with Ukrpatent or directly through International Bureau. On the international stage no one obliged to name professional representative for communication with IB however it is strongly recommended.

B & P IP has significant experience in patents especially in fields of biotechnology, medicine, pharmaceuticals and chemistry. Ukraine grants patent for inventions with substantive examination and patents for utility models without substantive examination.

    - Analysis of subject matter to determine proper subject matter(s) to be filed in patent.
    - Preparation of invention disclosure materials – claims, figures, description and abstract.
    - Searching of inventive subject matter to determine the patentability and/or infringement issues associated with invention. We search prior art GLOBALLY because there is no local novelty criteria for determination patentability.
    - Patentability and/or clearance/freedom to operate opinions.
    - Preparation and filing of patent applications with PTO.
    - Prosecution of patent applications with PTO.
    - Foreign filings of patent applications in any selected foreign countries, either as an international patent applications or direct national filings in selected countries.
    - Due diligence studies of patent portfolios owned by third parties during potential corporate acquisitions.
    - Analysis of potential patent infringement actions by third parties.
    - Enforcing patent rights through litigation in Court.



Pharmaceutical patent search

Bragarnyk & Partners IP serves dozens local and foreign pharmaceutical firms around the world to satisfy their demands in pharmaceutical patent search and IP information. Our foreign partners in other countries carry out expert patent research of intellectual property objects globally at the highest level of quality and reliability.

Patent research is conducted by a group of IP specialists experienced in the fields of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and medicine, specializing on preservation and protection of intellectual property rights (patent and trademark attorneys, lawyers-patent specialists, medical experts).

The success of the patent research on behalf of our customers primarily is dictated by awareness of pharmaceutical market specific features, based on years of interaction with both commercial and public entities of the market, regulatory authorities.

Moreover, thorough knowledge of national and global sources of the information in the field of intellectual property allows our professionals to carry out informational customer support, forestalling the world's leading providers at least for a month (on average - 6 months).

Why pharmaceutical patent search is so special and complex?

- Not always you can find name or formula or Reg.Num. of target substance.

Which IPC classes are biggest and complex? Where the highest numbers of applications?

- Over 50% of patent applications worldwide are filed in fields related to pharmaceuticals and life sciences.

What is the price of errors in patent search?

- In the IP field running concept of presumption of guilt of the user meaning that seller or manufactures considered as potential infringer.


Pharmaceutical Trademark Search

Trademark Search in field of pharmaceuticals is one of most complex and most crucial kind of searches where involved technical and moral issues.

As soon some pharmaceutical tradenames are not registered as trademarks but used in combination with other trademarks that can lead to confusion in customer`s imagination.

Bragarnyk & Partners offers the following services:

    Free preliminary identical search;
    Connotation analysis and linguistic checking;
    Knockout domain name and company name research;
    Advanced identical search;
    Monitoring in order to prevent potential conflict of registrations at the stage of filing and examination;

Coverage of whole former USSR, Arab, East Asia, Africa and Latin America countries.

Our range of services in the field of trademark search (Ukrainian and worldwide) includes all - from standard services, such as search of word or graphic trademark, to complex informational and analytical research, simultaneously taking into account vary of factors.

Each project implemented by our company reflects our experience, as well as the specifics and requirements of the relevant industries, including pharmaceuticals, medicine, pesticides, veterinary medicine, biotechnology, chemistry, etc.

        - CIS countries (former USSR) - Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan
        - Arab countries
        - East Asia
        - Africa
        - Latin America


Search services PharmaScan®

Service PharmaScan® providing:

  1. Identification of all patents protecting interested medical preparation on interested market (country) with calculation of precise patent expiration dates;

  2. Identification of forthcoming generics - search of potential generics and calculating correct earliest date of expiration of each patent;

  3. Defoliation of Evergreens - identification already expired earlier patents protecting given pharmaceuticals.