Registration in Ukraine, CIS and Internationally

Both legal entities and persons can register trademarks to protect their brands or names in Ukraine. There are two routes International (AKA Madrid) and National registration. Most noteworthy features of national registration are possibility to accelerate procedure and filing with experienced professional representative providing applicants with its recent experience.
Bragarnyk & Partners IP offers registration trademarks in Ukraine and abroad as well and both under Paris and Madrid Agreement. In Ukraine trademark can be registered in several Nice classes without limitation to number of goods or services.  (See for details)


International (PCT), National, Convention (Paris), and EAPO Applications

Bragarnyk & Partners IP supports residents and non-residents in filing of international patent applications (PCT) with Ukrpatent or directly through International Bureau. On the international stage no one obliged to name professional representative for communication with NPO or IB but it is strongly recommended.

Bragarnyk & Partners IP has considerable experience in patenting especially in fields of biotechnology, medicine, pharmaceuticals, and chemistry. (See for details)


Pharmaceutical Patent Search

Bragarnyk & Partners IP serves dozens local and foreign pharmaceutical firms around the world to satisfy their demands in pharmaceutical patent search and IP information. Our foreign partners in other countries conduct expert patent research of intellectual property objects globally at the highest level of quality and reliability.

Patent research is conducted by a group of own IP specialists experienced in the fields of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and medicine, specializing on preservation and protection of intellectual property rights (patent and trademark attorneys, lawyers-patent specialists, medical experts). Unlike most patent law firms Bragarnyk & Partners IP not outsourcing patent searches to government authorities but conduct searches on their own allowing us to offer shorter turnaround, higher reliability and confidentiality.  (See for details)

Pharmaceutical Trademark Search

Trademark Search in field of pharmaceuticals is one of most complex and most crucial kind of searches were involved technical and moral issues.

As soon some pharmaceutical tradenames are not registered as trademarks but used in combination with other trademarks that can lead to confusion in customer`s imagination. (See for details)

Registration / re-registration / amendments to the registration dossier
Legalization of imported beauty products
Legalization of dietary supplements, baby food
Certification of medical devices

Market supervision
Compliance with the requirements of quality and safety of medicines during circulation
Development and approval the Certificate of quality template for the manufacturer
Implementation of packaging in the process of manufacture

Amendments to the list of medicines for registration in Ukraine
Expanding the list of medicines for registration in Ukraine
Recognition of EC certificate of conformity of GMP
Certification of pharmaceutical products manufacturing

Search services PharmaScan®

Service PharmaScan® providing:

  1. Identification of all patents protecting interested medical preparation on interested market (country) with calculation of precise patent expiration dates.

  2. Identification of forthcoming generics - search of potential generics and calculating correct earliest date of expiration of each patent.

  3. Defoliation of Evergreens - identification already expired earlier patents protecting given pharmaceuticals.