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Registration Trademarks in Ukraine, Ex-USSR(CIS) and Internationally

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Both legal entities and persons can register trademarks to protect their brands or names in Ukraine. There are two routes International (AKA Madrid) and National registration. Most noteworthy features of national registration are possibility to accelerate procedure and filing with experienced professional representative providing applicants with its recent experience.

B&P IP offers registration trademarks in Ukraine and abroad as well and both under Paris and Madrid Agreement. In Ukraine trademark can be registered in several Nice classes without limitation to number of goods or services. Process of registration consists of following stages:

• Analysis of potential trademark chosen among possible variants.

• Professional preliminary trademark search to determine registrability of trademarks and risks of infringement third party`s trademarks.

• Full in-depth availability search using the PTO service, register of legal entities, registers of goods and/or services related to specific fields, internet domain name registrations.

• Full opinions related to infringement and/or validity issues associated with client trademarks or competitor trademarks.

• Assignment of trademark rights to another individual or business entity.

• Preparation and filing of trademark applications with Ukrainian PTO.

• Prosecution of trademark applications with PTO.

• Drafting of agreements related to trademarks, such as trademark license or assignment agreements.

• Risk analysis and assessment of potential trademark infringement actions by third parties.

• Enforcing patent rights through litigation in Court.

One of the main feature that attract foreign applicant to file locally instead globally (Madrid) is possibility of accelerated registration allowing to get trademark certificate in 5-8 months whereas international registration can last up to 3 years.

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