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Patent Trolls and Non-Trolls. What Is Difference?

Patent Trolls – entities (legal of natural) collecting huge number of patents for unfair use of patent rights.

There are examples of recognized “PTs”:

1. Intellectual Ventures > 10,000

2. Round Rock Research LLC 3,500

3. Rockstar Consortium LLC 3,500

4. Interdigital 3,000

5. Rambus 1,600

6. Tessera Technologies Inc. 1,400

7. Acacia Technologies 1,300

Compared to number of patents granted to non-Trolls just in 2016 (just for 1 year!!!) according (Intellectual Property Owners Association (IPO))

1. International Business Machines Corp. 8,023



Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. 5,504

9. LG Electronics Inc. 2,426

99. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd 397

Difference between Trolls and non-Trolls is that first haven't own production. However, I'm doubting fact that non-Trolls using all or at least most its patents. Most of these patents used to lock competing technical solutions.

What about universities, carrying out research, inventing, developing technologies subsequently filing lots of patents?

To summarize, not everyone who has many patents is a troll.

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