• Oleksandr Bragarnyk

Patent Landscape – Yet Another Fake News OR The Devil is in the Details

Updated: Jun 7

Recently we can see raise of popularity of special kind of “infographics” which becoming to magic pill for innovations. Do you need to find in/out-licensing opportunities, investors, discover research opportunities – all you need is lapis philosophorum, sorry “patent landscape analysis”.

Personally, I like tables, charts, diagrams. But always I would like at least to see legends of this pictures and I would like to see materials and methods.

What we see as information sources of “patent landscape analysis” – applications and grants.

I have several questions to these explanation:

Criteria of selection?

Date frames?

National or international applications?

Scope of claims?

Numbers of applications and grants reflect just numbers of applications or patent but not real innovation. It can be calculated amounts of fees but not innovations. Number of patients been treated of beds in hospital cannot reflect national health.

My doubts about the correctness of approach through applications and grants is in that the we cannot assess innovation activity grounding on such numbers because countries have too much differences in applications process and criteria for granting. Some countries sponsoring or provides significant incentives for inventors or local businesses in amounts of fees which significantly distorts reality.

It needs to choose parameter reflecting real activity e.g. number of litigations, licenses, seized counterfeit.

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