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International (PCT), National, Convention (Paris), and EAPO patent applications

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Bragarnyk & Partners IP supports residents and non-residents in filing of international patent applications (PCT) with Ukrpatent or directly through International Bureau. On the international stage no one obliged to name professional representative for communication with NPO or IB but it is strongly recommended.

Bragarnyk & Partners IP has considerable experience in patenting especially in fields of biotechnology, medicine, pharmaceuticals, and chemistry. Before filing Bragarnyk & Partners IP conducts:

- Analysis of subject matter to determine proper subject matter(s) to be claimed in patent. - Preparation of invention disclosure materials – claims, figures, description and abstract. - Searching of inventive subject matter to determine the patentability and/or infringement issues associated with invention. We search prior art GLOBALLY because there is no local novelty criteria for determination patentability. - Patentability and/or clearance/freedom to operate opinions. - Preparation and filing of patent applications with PTO. - Prosecution of patent applications with PTO. - Foreign filings of patent applications in any selected foreign countries, either as an international patent applications or direct national filings in selected countries. - Due diligence studies of patent portfolios owned by third parties during potential corporate acquisitions. - Analysis of potential patent infringement actions by third parties. - Enforcing patent rights through litigation in Court.

Ukraine also grants patent for inventions with substantive examination and patents for utility models without substantive examination.

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